Yoga membership for parents of children with Down Syndrome like me

Recently I heard leading manifestation coach Lisbeth Overton describing the benefit of meditation as a way to bring your mind back to a neutral space. I loved that explanation. She went on to describe how in our busy lives our mind can become cluttered and overwhelmed, but by taking a moment to practise mindfulness or to meditate we give it the chance to reset.

I loved that explanation and I could apply it to my every day life. Because sometimes being a parent can be stressful, and being a parent to a child with additional needs brings that up a notch.

By using meditation and yoga to reset my body and to reset my mind I have a tool that I can use to train myself to stand back from stressful situations and think more clearly.

Not all the time, naturally. I am human!

But for me the benefit of sitting still and just being now has a clear benefit. Taking a moment to train my mind to do one task at a time is more productive than juggling (which is how I used to operate.)

And I realised that if I could do it then I could share it with others. Particularly people who like me tended to spend more time going to medical appointments or early intervention appointments. Who needed to keep calm in more stressful situations and be able to think straight and answer medical history questions while perhaps dealing with their child’s reaction to being in a situation that they didn’t want to be in.

So I launched a yoga membership just for parents of kids with Down Syndrome. Because that’s my lived experience and I know what I’ve learned from my yoga practise and also from many therapists that have interacted with me to help my daughter. And I want to share it with other parents.

But also over and above that I know how hard it can be to get out to a regular class.

So, if you’re like me, you adore your little one. And wouldn’t change her for the world. But sometimes with all the appointments it is hard to get time for myself.

There have been moments when I’ve been stuck in a hospital room where I’ve been glad that I have my yoga. My ability to stretch in small areas!

And so if that sounds like I’m talking to you then join me because I would love to share my experience with you.

My yoga membership is for parents of children with Down Syndrome who want to get some headspace.

You will learn how to use the shortest amount of time that you have available to you to feel better in your body and mind. And if you get more time then great! In my yoga membership you will get:

  • Meditations that you can listen to.
  • Ways to reset your posture in small spaces.
  • Guided longer format classes to help you to switch off.

I’m going to make the program flexible to suit your needs. There will be live classes. And also pre-recorded meditations and classes. You can pick and choose what suits you.

Enjoy a weekly live yoga class. Or watch it on playback.

I will show you different relaxation techniques that can help you to calm yourself in those moments of worry and panic that we all feel.

Each week I will add new pre-recorded classes, meditations and short movement practises that you can squeeze in to your busy life.

Get to know other Mums during class and in my private Facebook group for parents of children who have an extra something special.

And know that I don’t take myself too seriously. So we will have fun.

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