Sometimes being pregnant is no fun at all

Being pregnant can suck so badly.

If you hate being pregnant, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not excited about your baby.

Let’s face it, it’s highly likely that you’re going about your daily life growing a human, and everyone expects you to act as if you weren’t.

Do you realise that as you go to work you have an extra 50% blood pumping around your body? That tiredness that you’re feeling might be the effort that it takes, the pressure on your lungs of circulating the extra blood.

Think about all the hormones in your body now and what they do to grow a human being and prepare your body for birth. It’s amazing and no wonder that you don’t feel yourself.

How are you doing?

The symptoms of pregnancy are no joke when you’re trying to do everything else too. Many times you just don’t have a choice.

I understand how it feels when you think that your pelvis might separate when you move in a certain way, but you keep soldiering on. Because I went through it. And there are so many funny extra things that happen along the way.

Black pooh… yuk! (if you have to take iron)

Blocked nose but you don’t have a cold. (Progesterone making you mucusy)

Constipation but your diet was the same as before (maybe you had to take iron or maybe it’s just the progesterone ironing out your insides getting ready for baby to arrive).

Excruciating pains in your side but when you mention it to your care provider they might say… it’s probably round ligament pain, it’s part of being pregnant. Which is true but you could benefit from some work on your posture and side stretching.

Walking up the stairs and feeling dizzy.

Lying down and heartburn that tears at your throat.

Meanwhile, people ask you are you excited.

Or give you a ream of unrequested advice…

Or simply expect you to act as if nothing is happening and perform just as you did before you were pregnant.


Are you getting any support?

With working from home, it can be better because perhaps you might get a nap at lunchtime if you’re lucky.

The problem with working from home and lockdown is that colleagues might not know that you’re pregnant at all.

The support you might have received before from colleagues, friends and family is not available at the moment.

Being pregnant or a new Mum at the moment is incredibly different.

So ask for help, or share this blog post and make people think about what they can do to help you.

Sometimes with the best intentions we all forget what it’s like to be at a different stage of life to someone else.

But you are growing a human being 24/7

So you need to look after yourself and share how you’re feeling.

Get in touch if you need support. At my prenatal yoga classes we still do circle time to make sure that women who come to class get to share their experiences, even if it’s on Zoom.

Most weeks someone will share that they are experiencing something and then another woman will realise that she’s going through something similar.

If that sounds like something that you would enjoy (and apparently a great night’s sleep after class) then book a course of six classes here:

Online Pregnancy Yoga

And congratulations on your pregnancy. It’s hard work and I’m thrilled for you.


xx Elaine