Online Yoga membership for parents of children with Down Syndrome

Join my online yoga membership for parents of children with Down Syndrome.

I’ll share breathing techniques, guided meditations, and yoga poses to reset your posture.

You can make time for yourself (without having to go anywhere or even change your clothes, unless you love wearing yoga pants!)

You will learn how to use the shortest amount of time that you have available to you to feel better in your body and mind. And if you get more time then great!

What you will get in my yoga membership class:

In my yoga membership you will get:

  • A live 45 minute weekly yoga class
  • A playback option for the live class
  • Meditations that you can listen to.
  • A Facebook support group

There will be live classes.

Imagine setting aside the time you have available to you. And whatever that is you’ll feel better afterwards.

Setting aside that time for yourself to feel better in your mind and body.

Getting a chance to reset your posture from day to day living.

Enjoying a moment for yourself on the mat to give yourself what you need.

Allowing yourself to move as much as you want or to close your eyes and be still.

Knowing that these classes are made for you by a parent of a child with Down Syndrome who is different to you. But gets it.

Enjoying a class that is available for your when you need it with your community.

Feeling included.

The yoga membership welcomes all abilities.

You can be a beginner to yoga.

You are welcome if you (like me) struggle to switch your brain off.

You can be as flexible as a rubber band or as stiff as a poker.

You will need to practise on a non slip surface.

Have a few blankets and cushions nearby for the relaxation part of the live class.

And wear comfy layered clothes.

Have a drink of water nearby.

Get a single pass pass class or join the membership.

You can buy a single class pass below. Or you can join my membership for just €37 a month

Click here to buy the monthly membership.