Online Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage promotes nurturing touch, so that babies feel loved, valued and respected.

The five week online baby massage course is suitable for newborn babies to the age of one years. It is best suited to babies at the pre-crawling stage.

I teach through Zoom.

What to expect during baby massage classes:

The online baby massage course with massage stroke handbook is €80.

You will learn how to massage and soothe your baby and meet other new mums in a relaxed environment.

Baby massage can help:

  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Increase weight gain
  • Relieve wind and colic

I teach through Zoom. So you just need a spot in the house with good WiFi, a comfy warm place for you and baby and a screen to follow the class. I recommend using organic sunflower oil which you can buy in any health store or local supermarket in the oil section.

What is covered in the course each week?

Each week we learn something new together:

  • Each week I open the class and explain what we will cover
  • I catch up with all the Mums so that we can share how you and baby are doing.
  • I guide Mum through some relaxation.
  • Then the massage for baby begins.
  • In week one we start to massage the legs, in week two we add in the stomach and chest, in week three we add the arms, in week four we add in the face and back (which is the whole body massage), in week five we repeat the whole body massage.
  • We close the class with a discussion, with different topics each week.

The intention of the class is to support both you and baby. To relax and recharge. It is not an active and busy class. It is gentle and supportive.

The course is baby led

The class is in the comfort of your own home. You are free to tend to your baby in any way throughout the duration of the class (eg you can feed, change, and comfort your baby as you feel is necessary, or get up and have a walk around.) Only you know what suits your baby.

Please note, this baby massage course is over 5 consecutive weeks on set days and dates. You may not switch between courses.

Can you claim back the cost of the course?

You might be able to claim back part of the cost of your course if you have private health insurance. Check with your insurer as they may have different rules around this.

The International Association of Infant Massage is the only baby massage course that is recognised by private insurance companies in Ireland.