Postnatal Yoga Membership

Want to start to move your body again after birthing your baby?

I’ve created a New Mum Yoga Membership with live yoga classes that are available to playback, guided meditations and a habit tracker so you can make time for yourself (without having to go anywhere or even change your clothes, unless you love wearing yoga pants!)

How do you want to feel when you think about starting a movement practise again?

Becoming a parent is a huge transition. Sometimes healing your body takes second priority to caring for your baby.

But it’s important to find time that’s just for you. For your self-care. To start with some gentle movement and build on it.

I remember how hard it was to get time for my yoga practise when Síofra was a baby. Especially when she started to make strange.

That’s why I’ve created a class that you can do while your little one naps.

And if you miss the class you can watch the playback.

Imagine being able to get to your yoga class without leaving the house.

Being able to contact the teacher and give them feedback about how you’re feeling in your body.

Learning gentle stretches that you can do on your own and with your baby.

Enjoying meditations to help you to relax and switch off.

Using these breathing and mindfulness practises to support you in the fourth trimester.

Joining a positive and private Facebook group with other Mum who have recently given birth.

The Postnatal Yoga Course focus

The Postnatal Yoga course with Elaine will focus on slowly stretching and strengthening your post natal body, reconnecting you to movement and breath and give you a much needed space for deep relaxation.
Please wait until you are 8 weeks post natal before starting class, if you had a cesarean birth please wait at least 12 weeks and always consult your doctor before starting any post natal exercise.

Remember that after birthing your baby you are considered postnatal up to 12 months after delivery. So come on in and join me.

Get a single pass pass class or join the membership.

You could buy a single class pass to the class. But I recommend the membership as it will give you access to the playback of the classes, the membership area with extra resources such as recorded meditations, and the Private Facebook Group.

Click here to buy the monthly membership.