Imagine as you go through a major change in your life that you had a champion by your side. Someone who could draw on their experience to help you. A confidential “sounding board” with whom you could bounce ideas around about your choices in pregnancy, how you are feeling about becoming a mother, what is worrying you about approaching Menopause.

We are used to the idea of mentoring in our careers. But that’s just part of our lives. We hold lots of assumptions within ourselves about how we should act as a woman. In today’s modern society that role is changing.

Why does our society expect us to treat being a mother as a full time job but then expect us to work as if we were not mothers. That’s one of the paradoxes of our modern lives. It’s something we deserve to think about and to address.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone who you don’t know and who won’t mind if you are brutally honest. With relationships, a partner, a friend, a parent, there is always a level of emotional investment that you risk when you want to be frank and honest.

A Mentor is not a Coach

A Mentor is not a coach – in other words I will provide feedback & suggestions regarding your thoughts and your plans; I will not guide you on day-to-day tasks. That’s what coaches do: they focus on short-term results. Mentoring focuses on mid- to long-term choices & goals.

Mentoring Format

Working with a mentor is really personal. And you have to click. So I offer women free half hour consultations so that we can figure out whether I can help and if we click. Then I offer hourly sessions or the opportunity to do five hourly sessions over five weeks.

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