My Mum was an antenatal midwife for over thirty years
I think my passion for supporting women in pregnancy started from my visits to the National Maternity Hospital with my Mum. She worked there as a midwife for over thirty years.
She supported pregnant women in the outlying antenatal clinics.
When I was in college, an opportunity came up to help with the computerisation of the chart system. I loved spending more time in the hospital. So when the project finished I was delighted to accept a job in the admissions office.
I loved it. I met women as they were presenting in labour. I brought them to the delivery ward. It was so special.
I did other things, travelled, and then when I had my own daughter I came back to my original passion of supporting women in pregnancy and I combined it with yoga.
In this video I talk about how I’ve realised that the most useful part of my class for birthing is the breathing. Time and time again my clients tell me that the breathing helped them get through the toughest parts of birth.
I’ve put together an easy to follow 15 minute a day course that is completely focused on breathing. I’ve added in lots of extra supports to help you find the meditation that works for you
It’s called Breathing for Birth. Click on this link for more information: