More information:

Must be beyond 14 weeks and you can continue up until birth. If in doubt please contact your care provider.

Pre-booking is essential so that I can share the link that you can access to follow the class. When you book your class I will send you a meeting link to a software called ZOOM.us  It’s like a meeting conference tool.

You could use a tablet, or a computer or I imagine a TV that you could have the internet on. I am so old fashioned that we just have a standard digital TV. I won’t be able to help you with IT because I’m learning myself but their website is great. And let’s face it there are videos online about how to use just about everything!


The online pregnancy yoga classes run every Monday and Thursday evening.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

  • Prenatal yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility.
  • Pregnancy Yoga helps you learn to relax. Relaxation techniques can help you cope with the stresses of motherhood, but more importantly, the intensity of labour.
  • My classes give you time to yourself as you balance work and pregnancy. It’s time to rest and important self care.
  • Flexibility is helpful if you are going to let your body open during birth. Prenatal Yoga postures can help loosen tight muscles and joints, allowing you the freedom to adopt what ever positions you choose in labour.
  • Keeping up with a regular exercise program in pregnancy is important. Carrying a child is like doing a mini marathon over those nine months. You need to keep up your strength for and help prepare your body for birth.
  • Many pregnant women feel their posture suffers from the additional weight of their baby and their new boobs. Prenatal Yoga can help stretch out and strengthen your body.
  • However you choose to give birth, pregnancy yoga can help. Whether it’s natural childbirth through to a Caesarean section yoga can help to calm and soothe your mind as you prepare to meet your baby.

Why do a Pregnancy Yoga Class online?

There are so many different courses available. I will during the course recommend plenty of different sources of information. The benefit of attending a streamed course is that you can ask questions. They are up to date as they are live.