Creating your support team when you’re going through IVF

Are you going through IVF at the moment? It’s really important to have a support team.

IVF can be isolating. There isn’t a lot of awareness about fertility issues in general. When you’re going through it, as much as there are groups that you can join, the nature of Ireland is that it’s a small country.

You may not want everyone to know your business. You might not want to attend a support group in case you bump into someone that you don’t want to know. That’s ok.

You will need help and support because it’s a rollercoaster.

I recommend building your support team around you.

Different people in your life will have different roles to play.

You need someone that you can talk to at work. You will need your close colleagues to understand why you’re a bit distracted, or why you have to take more time off and to remind you when your alarm goes off for your medication!

Most people spend the majority of their day at work so it makes sense for some colleagues to understand what is going on.

Who is going to be your go to person?

You need your exercise support team.

For your mental health and your physical health you need to stay to have an activity that you still do to get you out and about. You need to stay in shape as you go through IVF. In the beginning you may have more energy but as you go through the process trying to balance work and appointments, taking the medication at the prescribed times, what your body is going through, it’s going to be hard.

Rope in friends and family where possible to meet you at lunchtimes, or just after work for a walk. Make sure that you have a support system to have a giggle, distract you, and exercise with you.

Staying in touch with you support team

It’s really easy to isolate yourself when you’re going through IVF but you really need the opposite. I know how hard it is to see others, especially if they have small kids. Particularly if they give out about them a lot! Because that’s all you want.

But you don’t know what outcome you will have. It might be positive or it might not work out the way you want it to. Find a way to get the support you need. Make sure that you have something else in your life than focusing on fertility and work.

If you need to talk to someone, there are lots of support groups to talk to. Or you could seek help from a counsellor.

If you need to just offload and get ideas of how to work your way this transformative stage in your life. Just get in touch with me.

I’d be delighted to listen.