When I started Begin with Elaine I wanted to create a business that supported women at whatever stage they were at and that was family friendly. 

My experience of Baby Massage

When my daughter was born I found the baby massage course in the Down Syndrome Centre invaluable. Not only did I learn skills that helped with Síofra’s development and overall well-being. I also got the opportunity to meet other mums and to share experiences with them. I felt supported both by the fabulous Bridget who gives the classes there, and also by the other parents. I made dear friends there that I am still in contact with today. It gave me oodles of confidence.

We were able to swap stories during the tea break that we shared at the end of the class. We covered everything from hospital appointments, breast feeding tips, stories about sleepless nights.

The support I got as a New Mum was amazing.

When Síofra suffered with constipation I was able to use the massage techniques that I had learned during the course to alleviate her symptoms and give her more comfort.

Building my dream

I knew that when I started back to work that I would make this part of my new business. I gained so much from the classes that I want to share those experiences with other mums.

Last year I started on my path to create an organisation that would help and support families. I trained as a yoga teacher for children aged 2 to 13 and families. This year I’m focusing on Mums.

In June I am going to train to be able to offer new Mums Infant Massage. In September I am taking on training to be a Prenatal Yoga instructor.

I’m really excited to learn more and to build more experience. I’m really looking forward to meeting more parents and sharing my knowledge and life experience.

Why should you consider taking a Baby Massage class?

It is a fantastic way to bond with your baby. To have some one on one time, especially if you have other family. It’s also a great way to meet other mums and to escape the house in a supportive environment.

Things have changed a little:

Since writing this post I have changed the way that I offer Baby Massage to an online class so that Mums can get the support that they need from home while we are living through the Covid Pandemic. 

If you need support then please reach out to me.

If you need any information about baby massage classes contact me at: