Begin to transform your life with Elaine

Hi, I’m Elaine

I am a Yoga Teacher and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

My mission is to empower people to feel confident and calm in their bodies. I’m particularly passionate about empowering pregnant women to have positive birth experiences and to feel supported as new Mums. And to give parents of kids with Down Syndrome (like me) the tools they need to feel good in body and mind.

I draw on my own life experience and sense of humour as a teacher and coach.

I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and beautiful 4 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome.

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Begin to transform your life with Elaine

I provide uplifting, supportive classes and fun courses for women. Yoga and baby massage helped me and I want to share that positive feeling with women.

Women experience transformation many times during their lives. Our bodies change and our needs change. This happens when we begin our periods, when we choose to give birth, and when we close the chapter of our fertile years.

I’ve been through fertility treatment, pregnancy, I have a beautiful daughter who has additional needs. And I’m starting my journey into Menopause. I deeply understand why we need extra support at certain times of our lives. And the need to have a sense of humour about it all.

I use my experience, my passion for yoga and the joy of nurturing touch through baby massage to help other women to make their journey a little easier.

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Helping you to Transform

nurturing touch

Nurturing Touch

Baby massage teaches the importance of nurturing touch as a way of bonding and communicating with your baby. It helps support you in the fourth trimester as you become a confident mother.



I run a group program that provides a supportive and safe space to commit to making a change in your life to feel happier. The program runs twice yearly. The next application date opens on the 6th December for January 2022.


Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga helps to increase strength and flexibility. It also can help you learn to relax. These techniques can help you as your body transforms and gets ready to birth your baby.



Meditation and breathwork can help you to keep perspective and calm as you go through more stressful times in your life. Relaxing and resting are just as important as exercise and nutrition as you enter a transformation.